Ramadan Reflections

The deadline for keeping sanctions on Burma has been allowed to expire and now we are waiting to see if the president will issue an Executive Order to keep limits on trade while massive oppression is going on. It was disappointing this week that White House lawyers apparently chose to move forward with assistance to Egypt despite the coup that recently took place, breaking their own rules through some very dishonest legal interpretation. Will business (including military assistance) continue no matter what happens, even in Burma?

Here is a Ramadan video to share with community that does not know:

As Ramadan unfolds, I notice some people immediate open their wallets when I speak about the crisis of the Burmese Muslims. Whether it is 1 dollar or 100 dollars, that spontaneous generosity is moving and beautiful. And yet, I wonder how many people will be generous with their time and make phone calls to our officials, to ask for policy to be changed, for the lies of the Burmese generals to be challenged? How many will reach out to Buddhist neighbors to discuss the issue?



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